The Striver Quotient® Solution

The SQ Assessment will identify people who will thrive in your work environment.

When I ask a group of business people, “How many of you like to win?” hands shoot up quickly. When I follow up with, “Does winning require having top performers on board?” everyone nods. Yet despite a fervent desire to win and a sense of urgency to find top performers, hiring success rates remain abysmal. Studies indicate that almost half of all new hires fail within the first 18 months!

Where’s the disconnect? Companies have become too enamored with the word talent. Top performers are often not the most talented people in a candidate pool. What sets top performers apart is the ability to rise to the occasion when everyone around them is talented. Top performers possess a high Striver Quotient®.  

What are your expectations of employees in these 4 relationships?

RELATIONSHIP TO SELF Solve routine problems OR Tackle complex problems
RELATIONSHIP TO TEAM Achieve harmony OR Generate creative tension
RELATIONSHIP TO BOSS Attain defined goals OR Exceed goals


Contact Moore Leadership today about using the Striver Quotient® Assessment Tool to find the right people for your work environment.  Initial consultation for set up is included in all pricing options.

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